When you have no idea for your research topic, or what you want to do, take a break. Shut-down your computer, go take a shower ,eat an icecream ……. do whatever thing you want . After a few hour , when you are relax and calm , switch on  your computer , search for anything you want . drawing ,swimming, food , DIY etc , you will SURPRISE , and shout  ” THAT IS WHAT I WANT FOR MY RESEARCH ! ”

For avoiding that situation keep on happening , I keep a sketchbook with me all the time. when idea and inspiration come , I can straight away record them into my sketchbook . sketchbook also is one way to training and building your creativity.

How to get start? 
It is very simple, fun and  interesting . That is what I found from the .


Here is another post from


Sketchbook example 

It is a blog that let other to share their idea / artwork / sketches , and in the end of every month , their will choose the 3 most prolific artist and their artwork and let other vote for which one is the best. Don’t miss out on other post also . (you can scroll down to see other post)


Student Art Guide 
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The link i given is a article about 23 creative sketchbook inspire high school painting/fine art student, but before end of this article , there have few link to other collection such as

photography , graphic design , sculpture 3D design ,textiles and fashion sketchbook.

Tip for producing an amazing GCSE or A Level art sketchbook

How to make your art project exciting :inventive use of media

A Level Art Sketchbook page by Lisa Jiang




2 thoughts on “SKETCHBOOK

  1. Hi Wong Shiao Hua

    My name is Chris and I will be one of your lecturers in Liverpool, England. I am looking forward to meeting you all very soon.

    So what will you be concentrating your research on then? Character design? Illustration?

    I will be taking a look at your research on the blog and will be sending you some further ideas for research over the next week.


  2. Hi Rebekah,

    So it looks like you want to look at graphic design within Motion Graphics? Here are some areas you could possibly look at for Motion Graphics. Saul Bass was a graphic designer who then became interested in the moving image. Also look at these;

    Motion Graphics
    Early Pioneers
    Georges Melies, Oskar Fischinger, Len Lye, Mary Ellen Bute, Lotte Reiniger
    Jordan Belson, John Whitney, Saul Bass, Pablo Ferro, Maurice Binder , Steven Frankfurt

    Later Pioneers
    Kyle Cooper, GMunk, Danny Yount, OneDotZero, Richard Greenberg

    Experimental Film – Avant Garde Artists, Stan Brakhage, Flux Movement,

    Further Reading
    Motion Graphic Design – John Krasner
    Motion Graphics – Stephen Curran

    The topic of Motion Graphics is extremely vast and you need narrow your focus and area of research. You can possibly look at Typography in movement, use of colour, graphic design, iconography, movement and timing, transitions.

    Have a think about what interests you the most and enjoy the research.

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